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Research has revealed that 50% of people cite lack of time as the reason for giving up learning a language, which is why we have devised a new series of audio lessons - Hindi Language Quickstart - designed specifically for those of you who don’t have much time on your hands!

Hindi Language Quickstart is particularly aimed at the growing number of people who want to grasp the basics of the Hindi language during weekend or short breaks, without having to master any complicated grammar or phrases.

Hindi Language Quickstart concentrates only on the essential Hindi required for brief conversation, breaking it down into short, relevant, easy to learn categories of words, phrases, sentence making and routine daily conversation in different situations. Each section allows you time to listen to, time to reflect with a step-by-step explanation in English language, time to kickstart which lets you practise your pronunciation in Hindi language and time to recap so you can listen again and see how much you have picked up.

Speaking Hindi Doesn't Have to Be Complicated! You Can Quickstart Now!


Greetings Time-Stretched Hindi Learners!

Learning a foreign language can be a frightening thought for many. According to them, it will just take up a lot of their time. They often disregard the wonderful opportunities that knowledge of a second language brings.

It can help you bond with people who speak the same foreign language as you do, create job opportunities and enhance your career, and impress your friends. Furthermore, engaging yourself in foreign language training actually adds self-confidence and broadens your knowledge.

That is why I extend my congratulations to you, as you have decided to improve your personal, intellectual, and social being.

Hindi Language Quickstart (Audio Course) will teach you 2000 critical words and 500 phrases with an easy, addictive, and lightning-fast 2-step process.

Experts agree that the most important part of learning a language is rapidly building a foundation of word and phrase knowledge. Whereas traditional learning methods spread their learning out across a multitude of lessons and activities, Hindi Language Quickstart gets right down to business -- it “hacks” into your memory and fills it with Hindi words and phrases.

Did you know that…

Words should be learned one at a time according to the word category they belong to (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.), as they have characteristics unique to the category only.
Sentences are actually proper arrangement of words only. Hence, enough knowledge of words and their characteristics can create sensible sentences.
Sounds are among the fundamentals of one language because all through out language training, these sounds are used to speak out words and form sentences.
Learning a new language involves being familiar with its greetings and most basic phrases, and actually knowing how they came to be.

In this light, I have prepared these audio lessons to help you develop basic conversation skills in Hindi so that you are able to understand and respond on basic topics and be in a position to communicate in Hindi in just ONE day!

Hindi Language Quickstart (Audio Course): The Shortcut to Learning Hindi Fast!! is the best learning resource if you are considering learning some Hindi to enhance your experiences of this romantic language or as the first step in studying Hindi in greater depth.

With pronunciation guides, accurate glosses and ample examples, you'll never have any problem understanding each Hindi word and sentence you'll be encountering, until you'll be able to create your own sentences as well.

The best thing is …

You don't need one whole school year or even a semester to train yourself in a language that more than 900 million people speak. Just ONE day is all it takes to learn how to speak Hindi!

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What you will find inside Hindi Language Quickstart (Audio Course):

Easy-to-apply 2-step process to learn Hindi at a rapid pace.
MP3 audio for your iPod or any other mobile player.
Over 2,000 words and 500 phrases, and how each one of them is pronounced.
Native Hindi speaker sound.
Choice to re-arrange topics to learn critical lessons early.
Recognize spoken words faster with slow speech.
How to form and structure different kinds of basic Hindi phrases and sentences.
The first step in learning a new language.
Perfect your accent with pronunciation practice.
Easy and simple ways of creating grammatical and sensible Hindi sentences.
Basic greetings and everyday expressions in Hindi.
How to identify formal and familiar situations in order to use the appropriate expressions.
Numbers, days, months, time, etc. in Hindi.
List of Hindi prepositions and example phrases.
Why the subject of the sentence is optional and usually omitted in Hindi.
The truth that verb alone is already a complete sentence in Hindi.
What conjugation is and how it is done in Hindi.
How to form Hindi interrogative statements.
How to form Hindi imperative statements.
Talking at airport, road, train, market and other places in Hindi.
Guide to learn thousands of extra words and phrases online in Hindi language.

And a lot, lot more!

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Kavita Singh

P.S. Learn to speak Hindi confidently and get the edge over many people who don't know this language.

P.P.S. Boost your self-esteem by impressing your employer, friends, and everyone else with your newfound knowledge of the Hindi dialect. Who knows? You might even win the heart of your lover through the use of this romantic language.

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Due to the nature of this offer there are no refunds. Please ensure you really want this invaluable learning tool before you purchase.

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