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Our Aim : Helping Real People Learn Hindi Online

Learn Hindi Online!

Q.  How difficult will it be for an average person to learn Hindi online?

A.  It's not difficult at all. But it sure depends on how motivated you are.

Learn Hindi Language

How You Begin

We invite you to get started right away!

Just begin with option that suits your present Hindi learning needs.

Learn Online - Internet Access..

Read & Learn

Loads of powerful learning resources - lessons, tutorials, courses available free.

All you need is time and motivation.

Quite popular among our site visitors.

Yes, I want to begin with free lessons. 

Members' Zone

Get premium learning resources and save your precious learning hours. 

Subscribe to Hindilearner membership. Low membership fee. 

Immensely popular. 

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Learn Offline - Remote Access...

Hear & Learn

Listen to these .mp3 audio tracks to learn Hindi quickly.

You get to know 2000 critical words and 500 phrases in Hindi language in an easy, addictive, and lightning-fast manner.

Yes, I want to hear & learn. 

Speed Learning Course

Learn to speak the Hindi language on your own using linguistics.

You get pronunciation guides, accurate glosses, and ample examples in an eBook(.pdf) with Audio transcription(.mp3)

Yes, I want to speed-learn Hindi. 

Fast-track Learning Online....

Hindi Speaking Courses

Learn to speak Hindi as quickly and easily as possible.

You get unlimited access to online audio lessons, text lessons, conversation practice and exercises followed by quiz tests.

Yes, I want Hindi Speaking Course 


One to one interaction with a personal tutor for super-fast paced learning.

Most beneficial for Hindi learners who want to learn in shortest possible time, and are willing to put in efforts for intense learning sessions.

Yes, I want a Hindi tutor. 

What You Can Do

Learn Hindi Language

This site is designed to help Hindi language learners of any age group. To match individual learning needs, it offers multiple learning options (outlined above). Choose one that suits your needs.

Use the growing collection of lessons, tutorials and other resources available here and you will find learning Hindi language is quite easy.