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Hindi Obscene Words

Hindi language obscene words and phrases and their English translations are given below. This should help you :

Hindi Language Obscene Words and Phrases and their English Translations.

Hindi Obscene Words English Translation
Apna land choos Go and suck your own dick
Apni gaand mein muthi daal Put your fist up your ass
Apni ma ko ja choos Go suck your mom
Chinaal ke gadde ke nipple ke baal ke joon Prostitute's breast's nipple's hair's lice
Chullu bhar muth mein doob mar Drown yourself in a handful of semen
Gand Ka Khatmal Bug of Ass
Gandkate Kutte A dog with his ass scooped out
Gaand mein bambu A bamboo up your ass
Gaand main lassan Garlic in ass
Gaand main danda Stick in ass
Gaand main keera Bug up your ass
Hazaar lund teri gaand main Thousand dicks in your ass
Jaa Apni Bajaa Go fuck yourself
Jab tu paida hua tow aagey se ya peechey se nikla tha chutiya? When you were born, did you come out from the front or the back?
Kahe ko kha raha hai chut ki chapati aur lund ka beja? Why are boring me with all this useless narrative?
Kali Choot Ke Safaid Jhaat White hair of a black pussy
Kutte ke poot, teri maa ki choot Son of a dog, your mother's pussy
Lo, mera lund anpi behen ko de do, agar khud na chod paya Take my dick and give it to your sister if you can't fuck her yourself
Lund Chus Suck dick
Ma chudi Mother's fucked
Mein teri maa ko teri bahen ki choot mein chodoonga aur tera baap laltern lekar aayega. I will fuck your mom in your sister's cunt and your dad will bring a lantern.
Mein teri maa ko liya tha uski suhaag raat pei. I had your mother on her wedding night.
Mera chunni choos Suck my clit
Meri lund choos Suck my dick
Mere Chuus Maro Suck my dick
Na choot, na chooche, nakhre noor jahan ke! No pussy, no boobs, and still behaves like a princess!
Raand ka pati Husband of a whore
Rundi ko chod Go fuck a prostitute
Rundi ki tatti pe baithnewaali makkhi The fly that sits on the ass of a whore
Rundi ke tatti pe biathne wala makhi Fly sitting on a whore's shit
Terey baad di gaand wich danda ghussa ker rakh dhungi. I am going to put a stick in your damn ass.
Teri behen ka launda rubber ka  Your sister has a dick made of rubber!
Theri Biwi ko Tere Saamne Chodhunga I will fuck your wife in front of you
Teri Gand Mein Haathi Ka Lund Elephant's dick in your ass
Teri gaand main kute ka lund A dog's dick in your ass
Tere gaand mein keede paday May worms infest your ass-hole
Teri Jhanten Kaat kar tere mooh par laga kar unki french beard bana doonga. I will cut your pubic hair and stick them on your face and make a goatee on your face.
Teri ma gandi rundi Your mother is a filthy whore
Teri ma gadha ka lund choosay Your mother sucks donkey dick
Teri maa ki bimaar badboodar choot Your mom's diseased smelly cunt
Teri ma ki choot me hathi ka dum An elephant's trunk in you mother's cunt
Teri ma ki chut mai sabka lund Everyone's dick in your mom's pussy
Teri maa ki phudi guy ki hai Your mother has a cow's pussy
Teri maa ka bhosda Your mother's breasts
Teri maa ki chute Your mother's pussy
Tere mai ki chut tere baap ka land Your father's penis in your mother's vagina
Teri mi di kussi mey tera sarra khandan ko ghussa ker rakh doonga. I'm going to put your whole family in your mom's ass.
Teri maa ki gaand ki baal mein jalaay hue, maarey hue chipkili ki unday. There are burnt, dead lizard eggs in the hair around your mother's ass.
Teri ma ki budh mein chaarpai bichhake teri bahen ko chodun. I will put a bed in your mother's cunt and fuck your sister on it.
Teri maa ki chut mein chatri leke ghus jaunga aur khol dunga. I will enter your mother's pussy with an umbrella and open it there.
Tere maa ko sau kutte chode - sau wa tera baap! Your mom got fucked by 100 dogs - the 100th one being your dad!
Tor mai ke chodho Get back in your mother's womb

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