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Hindi Swear Words

Hindi swear words and phrases and their English translations are given below. This should help you :

Hindi Language Swear Words and Phrases and their English Translations.

Hindi Swear Words English Translation
Bahen Chod Sister-fucker
Bahen ke laude Sister's dick
Bahen ke takke Sister's balls
Beti Chod Daughter fucker
Bhai Chod Brother-fucker
Bhains ki aulad Son of a buffalo
Jhalla, Faggot gay, fairy
Jhant ke baal Pubic hair
Jhaant ke pissu Bug of pubic hair
Kutte ka aulad Son of a dog
Kutte ke tatte Dog's balls
Maadher chod Mother-fucker
Padma Fat Bitch
Raand ka jamai Son-in-law of a whore
Randhwa (or randwa) Male prostitute
Rundi Hooker
Rundi ka bacha Son of a whore
Rundi Ki bachi Daughter of a whore
Soower ke bachche Son of pig
Ullu ke pathe Idiot (lit. son of an owl)

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