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Hindi Words In Common Use (Vyaavaharik Shabd)

English > Hindi Words equivalents of over 300 Hindi words in common use are given as under:

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Animal, Insects - Hindi Words

Word Hindi हिन्दी
meat gosht गोश्त
fat charbi चर्बी
fish machhli मछली
chicken murgi मुर्गी
egg anda अण्डा
cow gae गाय
buffalo bhaens भैंस
milk dudh दूध
horns seeng सींग
tail dum दुम
goat bakri बकरी
dog kutta कुत्ता
snake sarp, saanp सर्प, साँप
monkey bandar बन्दर
mosquito machchhar मच्छर
ant chinti चींटी
spider makri मकडी

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