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Hindi Language Tutorials   Hindi Language Tutorials

We invite you to get started with our Hindi language tutorials right away.  The only suggested preparation that you may need is to become familiar with Hindi alphabets, numbers system, common words, phrases, quotes and basic grammar (available here under Reference on left navbar). Then begin with one of the Hindi tutorials that suits your needs. We have...

Get Started.
Learn Hindi - Overview - How to go about learning Hindi.

Hindi Primer (Video).
Hindi Video - See these video clips about learning Hindi.

Hindi Learning - Hindi language tutorials for beginners (12 lessons)

Learning Hindi - For those just starting to learn (10 sessions).

Speaking In Hindi - Learn to communicate in Hindi (12 sessions).

Learn Hindi Language - Hindi language tutorials to improve your Hindi language skills (10 sessions).

Hindi Language Lessons for Business - Talk about your business matters with people working primarily in Hindi language (29 sessions).

Writing In Hindi Language.
See these news items written in Hindi.

More Details.
Continue reading below for more details about each of the above Hindi language tutorials.

Hindi Learning For Beginners

Hindi Learning for Beginners is designed for people with little or no previous knowledge of Hindi. Primary emphasis is placed on developing the proficiency necessary to converse with Hindi speakers on a variety of everyday subjects. This unit is ideal if you are considering learning some Hindi to enhance your experiences of traveling in India or as the first step in studying Hindi in greater depth.

This unit introduces the Hindi script. Language contexts covered include; meeting people; forms of greeting; describing things; shopping; occupations; train travel; families; village life and talking about health issues.

At the end of the unit you should be able to read and write basic Hindi and take part in simple conversations while traveling in India or meeting Hindi speakers anywhere in the world.

Click here to see contents of Hindi Learning For Beginners.

Learning Hindi

Learning Hindi tutorial is designed to develop basic fluency in spoken and written Hindi.

The aim is to enable you to read and write everyday Hindi and to allow you to understand and participate in conversations on topics such as: families; urban and rural life; talking about daily life; planning journeys; visiting sacred sites; hobbies; diet and dining out; and visiting the post office.

By the end of this Hindi language tutorial you should have reached a level of proficiency which would allow you to go on to study a higher level Hindi tutorial and develop greater fluency and expression in spoken and written Hindi.

Click here to see contents of Learning Hindi tutorials.

Speaking In Hindi

Speaking in Hindi tutorial is based around developing skills in reading, writing and speaking modern Hindi.

Topics covered include: food and drink, hotels, post offices, health and well being, education, travel, politics, marriages, environmental issues, contemporary Hindi and the modern Indian media.

Language issues addressed are: expressing feelings; relative-correlatives for locations, number, quantity, type and manner; compound verbs; modal verbs; intransitive, transitive and causative verb forms; conjunct verb formation; adjectival and adverbial participle constructions; participle uses related to time; passive and active constructions; the feasibility construction and the use of idiom.

The learning outcome for the unit should be that you are able to discourse on a wide range of topics and be in a position to start reading modern Hindi texts.

Click here to see the contents of Speaking In Hindi tutorials.

Learn Hindi Language

Learn Hindi Language is based around reading Hindi newspapers and developing the language skills and vocabulary needed for following current affairs in major Hindi language daily newspapers.

You get to read a number of articles which have been prepared for reading, with notes and glossaries and write assignments and do translation activities.

Topics discussed include: national and international politics, environmental and development issues, health and education, religion and science, sport and entertainment.

Click here to see the contents of Learn Hindi Language

Hindi Language Lessons for Business

This Hindi tutorial - Hindi Language Lessons For Business - sets out to teach English speakers to talk business with Indian foreign trade officials and businessmen in Hindi. Given the study growth in commercial contacts, the need for such a course is obvious. We hope that all who come to India for commercial purposes, be it to exhibitions, as company representatives or as commercial attaches, may find this course useful.

The course consists of twenty-nine units. The body of the text is made up of examples of the kind of business discussion that might well arise in practice. The use of dialogues accentuates this, since the learner will be able to lift out phrases bodily. Each dialogue is followed by a vocabulary which gives the meaning of words in context, and exercises to drive home commercial phraseology of Hindi speakers.

Hindi Language Lessons For Business is not for absolute beginners - an elementary tutorial (see tutorials listed above in this page) should first have been attempted. You must judge for yourself at what point you are able to begin.

Click here to see contents of Hindi Language Lessons for Business tutorials.

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