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Begin Hindi Learning

Hindi Learning For Beginners

This tutorial - Begin Hindi Learning -  is meant for absolute beginners. It  consists of twelve lessons.

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LESSON 4 : What, When, Why, How ... Do You Want?

What do you want?

Aap kyaa chahate hain?
What do you want to see?
I want to see Taj-Mahal.
Aap kyaa dekhnaa chahate hain?
Mein Taj-Mahal dekhnaa chahataa(f.chahatee) hoon.
What do you want to drink?
I want to drink orange juice.
Aap kyaa pinaa chahate hai?
Mein santre kaa rus pinaa chahataa hoon.
What do you want to eat?
I want to eat rice.
Aap kyaa khana chahate hain?
Mein chawal khanaa chahataa hoon.

When do you want?

Aap kab chahate hain?
When do you want to see Taj-Mahal?
I want to see it in the moonlight.
Aap Taj-Mahal kab dekhanaa chahate hain?
Mai ise chand ki roshani mein dekhanaa chahataa (f.chahatee) hoon.
When do you want to drink?
I want to drink after sunset.
Aap pinaa kab chahate ho?
Mai suryast ke baad pinaa chahataa hoon.
When do you want to eat?
I want to eat at 10 pm.
Aap kab khanaa chahate ho?
Mai raat ke 10 baje khanaa chahataa (f.chahatee)hoon.

Why do you want?

Aap kyun chahate ho?
Why do you want to see Taj-Mahal?
I want to see because it's a famous monument.
Aap Taj-mahal dekhanaa kyun chahate ho?
Mein isliye dekhanaa chahataa hoo kyun ki yeh bahut mushoor imaarat hai
Why do you want to see it in moonlight?
I've been told that it looks most beautiful then.
Aap ise chand ki roshani me dekhanaa kyun chahate ho?
Mujhe bataayaa gayaa hai ki yeh us samay sabse jyaadaa khoobsoorat dikhayi detaa hai.
Why do you want to eat rice?
I like it very much.
Aap chawal khaanaa kyun chahate ho?
Mujhe yeh bahut pasand hai.

How do you want?
Aap kaise/kis tarah chahate ho?
How do you want to go there?
I want to go there by train.
Aap vahaa kis tarah jaanaa chahate ho?
Mein vahaa rail gaddi se jaanaa chahataa hoon.
How do you want to move around there?
I will walk or use local transport.
Aap vahaa kis tarah ghoomnaa-firnaa chahate ho?
Mein vahaa paidal chalungaa aur sthaniye savaari kaa istemaal karungaa.

Word Bag.

want - chahiye, what - kyaa, when - kab, why - kyun, kyon, how - kaise, kis tarah, To see - dekhanaa,  To drink - pinaa, To eat - khanaa, orange - santra (pl. santre), juice - rus, rice - chawal, moon - chand, light - roshani or prakash, sunset - surya ast, after - baad,  famous - mushoor or prasiddh, monument - imaarat, most - sabse jyaadaa, beautiful - khoobsoorat, like - pasand, very - bahut, To go - jaanaa, train - rail gaddi, move around - ghoomnaa-firnaa, local - sthaniye, transport - savaari, use - istemaal or upyog

Try It Out.

1. Say in Hindi

2. Find Hindi words for these words. (Hint: Look up Hindi words page or some dictionary)

3. Find more Hindi words related to what you can eat or drink.


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