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Begin Hindi Learning

Hindi Learning

Begin Hindi Learning is designed for people with little or no previous knowledge of Hindi. Primary emphasis is placed on developing the proficiency necessary to converse with Hindi speakers on a variety of everyday subjects. This unit is ideal if you are considering learning some Hindi to enhance your experiences of traveling in India or as the first step in studying Hindi in greater depth.

This unit introduces the Hindi script. Language contexts covered include; meeting people; forms of greeting; describing things; shopping; occupations; train travel; families; village life and talking about health issues.

At the end of the unit you should be able to read and write basic Hindi and take part in simple conversations while traveling in India or meeting Hindi speakers anywhere in the world.

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Begin Hindi Learning : Contents


LESSON 1 What Is.. It, This, That, These, Those?

LESSON 2 Who, What, Where?

LESSON 3 Whose, When?

LESSON 4 .... do you want?

LESSON 5 What Is Your Name?

LESSON 6 Has, Have, Yes, No?

LESSON 7 Using Please!

LESSON 8 My Family

LESSON 9 Guiding The Way To a Place

LESSON 10 At The Doctors

LESSON 11 What’s the Matter?

LESSON 12 Where Did You Go?

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