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Hindi Language Lessons For Business

Hindi Language Lessons For Business

This tutorial - Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  consists of eighteen units.

This lesson is  - Unit 8. (Previous :: Next lesson)

Unit 8. First Business Meeting - Preliminary Talk


Mr C John, Assistant Director and Mr K Anthony, Senior Engineer of firm ( XYZ ) come to Bank of London to do the preliminary talk. Sri C John, sah-nirdeshak aur Sri K Anthony, varisth abhiyanta (XYZ co. se) London bank me shuruaatee baat-cheet karne aate hain.
Smith: Let me introduce, she is my secretary Stone. Smith: Mujhe parichay karaane dijiye - yeh meri sachiv Stone hai.
Stone: Glad to see you. Stone: Aap se mil kar khusi hui.
John: I am glad too. He is Mr K Anthony, my colleague. We can speak  Hindi, so we will talk in Hindi. John: Mujhe bhi khusi hui. Yeh mere sah-kartaa Sri K Anthony hai. Hum Hindi me bol sakte hai, is liye hum sab Hindi me baat karenge.
Smith: What would you like to have tea or coffee? Smith: Aap kya lena pasand karenge? - chai yaa kaafee.
John: I don't mind coffee. John: Kaafee mere liye theek hai.
Stone: Excuse me, will you take coffee with milk or black coffee. Stone: Maaf kijiye, aap kaafee doodh ke saath lenge athvaa bina doodh ke.
John: I will take coffee with milk and Anthony will take black coffee. John: Main kaafee doodh ke sath loongaa aur Anthony bina doodh ke.
Smith: How much sugar? Smith: Kitnaa cheenee?
John: Only one spoon. John: Sirf, ek chammach.
Nina lays the table and serves the coffee.   Nina mej lagaati hai aur kaafee pesh karti hai.
Smith: Nina, are you enjoying your work?  Smith: Nina, kya tumhe kaam mein mazaa aa rahaa hai.
Nina: Yes, now back to business. There is no milk in office. Nina: Jee Haan! Ab kuchh kaam kee baat karen. Daftar mein doodh nahi hai.
Smith: What nuisance. Now I have to send driver to bring milk. Next time I will myself bring milk on the way to my office. Smith: Kya musibat hai. Ab mujhe driver ko doodh lene bhejnaa padegaa. Agli baar daftar aate waqt mai khud doodh lekar aa ungaa.
John: We want all the catalogue with price list. John: Hum pooraa catalog kimat ke saath chahate hain.
Stone: I am pleased to give you all. Stone: Aapko yeh sab dete hue mujhe khusi hogi.

Word Bag.

Assistant Director - Sah Nirdeshak, Senior Engineer - Varishth Abhiyanta, preliminary talk - shuruaatii baat-cheet, introduce - parichay karaanaa, Glad - khusi, colleague - sah kartaa, tea - chai, coffee - Kaafee, milk - doodh, sugar - cheenee, spoon - chammach, table - mej, office - Daftar, nuisance - musibat, myself - mein khud, all - pooraa

Try It Out.

1. Read the dialogues several times.

2. Complete these sentences.

a. Sah nirdeshak aur Varishth abiyanta shuruaati---------------------------.
b. Hum Hindi mein bol sakte hai isliye------------------------------------------.
c. Nina mej lagati hai aur -------------------------------------------------------.

3. Make sentences.

a. Kya musibat hai
b. Maaf kijie
c. Mazza

4. Fill in the blanks.

a. Smith: Mujhe------------- karane dijia.
b. Stone: Aapse milkar ----------huai.
c. Smith: Aap kya lena----------- karenge.
d. Smith: Nina kya tumhe ------------- aa raha hai?
e. Nina: Aapko catalogue dete hue mujhe ---------- ho rahi hai.

5. Make up similar dialogues of your own.

6. Extend the dialogue with the following expressions.

Mere ghar mein aapka swagat hai, Aap kya lena pasand karenge. ( cold drink aur coffee.

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