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Hindi Language Lessons For Business

Hindi Language Lessons For Business

This tutorial - Hindi Language Lessons For Business -  consists of eighteen units.

This lesson is  - Unit 14. (Previous :: Next lesson)

Unit 14. Business  Enquiry & Reply


When buyer wants to know on what price and on which terms & conditions a seller sells the goods, he usually sends an inquiry letter to the seller; and asks the seller to provide catalogue, price list and even samples of goods.

Jab koi grahak (kharidar) yeh janana chahata hai ki vikreta (bechane wala) apna maal kis keemat aur kin sharto par dega, tab aam taur par woh vikreta ko ek janch patra bhejata hai tatha us-se keemat soochi, samaan soochi aur samaan ke namoone ki maang karata hai.

Sample Enquiry Letter

10 Aug 2007

Dear Gentleman          

We are very thankful for your reply along with all the details of goods we require. We are interested in purchasing your standard trademark goods.

We are interested in receiving the goods at earliest possible with acceptable terms and conditions of delivery.

Yours faithfully


Jaanch Patra Ka Namoona

10 Aug 2007

Aadarniya Mahodaya

Hum aapke dwaraa bheje gaye jabaab tatha hamare jarurat ke samaan ki vistrit janakari ke liye bahut aabhari hai. Hum aapke samanya trademark samaan ko kharidane ki ruchi rakhate hai.

Hum samaan ko jitni jaldi ho sake, pane ke ichchhuk hai agar aapki sharte hamare anusar theek ho.

Aapka Aabhari


On buyer's request the seller sends his price-list with detailed description of goods and terms and conditions of delivery.

Grahak ke poochhane par vikreta apni keemat soochi, samaan ki vistrit janakari aur bechane ki sharto ko prastut karta hai.

Sample Reply Letter

From A. Smith & Co. Ltd. London

11 Aug. 2007  

Dear Gentleman

We thank you for writing to us regarding your requirements. We are one of the most popular manufacturers. You can find the details of the goods in the enclosed brochures.

Our payment terms are down cash or negotiation of documents through banks, payment required to be made at presentation of documents. Credit of one month is, however, made available on opening of letter of credit in our favor.

Alternatively bank guarantee is acceptable. Please let us know the name of your bankers.

Awaiting your reply,

Yours faithfully


Jabab ka Namoona

From A. Smith & Co. Ltd. London

11 Aug. 2007  

Aadarniya Mahodya

Hum aapke shukregujar hain ki aapne apni jaroorto ke baare mei hame likha. Hum jaane-maane utpadkartao mei se ek hain. Sanlagna brochure mei saaman ki vistrit jaankaari di gayi hai.

Hamaari bhuktan shart nagad ya bank ke dwara ki gayi suvidha par nirbhar hai jisme kagjat ke prastut karne par bhugtan mil jaana chahiye. Agar aap hamare paksh me letter of credit kholate hai to ek mahine ka samay bhugatan ke liye mil sakta hai.

Vikalp me bank ki gaurantee bhi ham maanate hai. Kripaya hame apne bank ka naam bataye.

Aapke jabab ke intezar me,

Aapka Abhari


Word Bag.

buyer - grahak, karidar, karidanewala; seller - vikreta, bechane wala

Enquiry related : dear- aadarniye, usually - aam taur, enquiry - jaanch, sample - namoona, catalouge - saaman suchi, detailed - vistrit, description - jaankaari, interested - ichchuk, faithfully - aabhari, at the earliest - jaldi se jaldi, acceptable terms - maany shart 

Reply related : requirement - jaroorat, popular - jaane-maane, manufacturer- utpada karta, enclosed - salagana, cash - nagad, through - dwara, documents - kagjat, presentation - prastut karana, favor -paksh, to open - kholana, alternate - vikalp, please - kripaya, awaiting - intezar me


Try It Out.

Enquiry Related:

1. Give the text <<Enquiry >> in your own words.

2. Make dialogues between the seller and the buyer based on the text.

3. You have received an enquiry from a German Firm. They would like to buy a chromatograph from you. Make a reply to the enquiry.

4. Answer the questions.
 a. Kharidar bechnewale se kya janna chahta hai?
 b. Bechnewala kis ki vistrit jaankaari deta hai?

5.Make sentences in Hindi.
a. Namoona
b. Vistrit
c. Aabhari
d. Jaldi

Reply Related:

6.  Make dialogues between seller and buyer based on the text.

7.  Answer these question in Hindi?
a. Bechne wala kis baat ke liye kharidar ka shukriya kahta hai?
b. Brochure mei kis baat ki jaankari di gayi hai?
c. Bechnewala bhuktan ke baare mei kya jaankaari deta hai?

8. Fill in the blanks.
a. Hum jaane-maane--------------- mei se hain.
b. _________ brochure mei saaman ki ------------ jaankaari di gayi hai.
c. Vialp mei bank ki ------------------- bhi maan lete hain.

9. Make Hindi sentences.
a. Shukregujar
b. Jaane- maane
c. Nagad
d.  Vikalp
e. Intezar

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