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Our Aim : Helping Real People Learn Hindi Language

About Us    About Us at Hindi Learner

Our Objective: Help you learn Hindi language.

Our Team

Our Team: Consists of :
Country Resident Representatives spread all over the world,
Native Hindi speakers offering TUTOR services through us, and
A core group of people associated with this site:

Core Group

Following three people are primarily associated with this site:

Hindi Language Learning
Kavita : A post graduate in Hindi from Delhi University (India). She is responsible for tutorials published as well as looking after the services offered here on this site.

Hindi Language Learning
Prayank : A student at Delhi University (India) with Hindi as a second language subject, he has taken upon himself to test the site for it's ease of understanding the subject topics by a non-Hindi person.

Hindi Language Learning
Samirathi : That's me! Your site developer. Hope you find it useful. I'm eager to hear your views about this Hindi site. Please write about This Hindi language learning site.