Hindi Learner Tutors, Guides

Hindi Learner Tutors, Guides

Many Hindi learners avail our Hindi tutor/guide services. To meet their increasing needs, we are in need of native Hindi tutors who are proficient in Hindi language and fluent in atleast one popular foreign language.

If you feel you can meet above requirements comfortably and would like to join our panel of tutors, then go through our Hindi tutor/guide selection guidelines below.

Guidelines for Hindi Tutor/Guide

We at HindiLearner.com have decided to put-up actual work-profile pages of Hindi tutors interested in guiding/tutoring students online.

In that connection, all tutors are requested to prepare and submit a course outline of about 12-20 lesson Hindi learning course that can be imparted to students of different levels - elementary, primary, junior, secondary etc.(you can even further sub-divide if you want.)

You are at liberty to choose any format (text+graphics, audio, video etc.) for any level of course. You can submit your entries in more than one level or format also.

You will be asked to prepare the complete course for those lessons that we find suitable for our site, and such courses will be hosted on our site under your profile. You are also likely to get monetary compensation on successful completion of complete course materials.

Time schedule :

1st Week: Tutor submits Course outline
2nd Week: Selection of Lessons by us
3rd-6th Week: Completion of course material by tutor
7th Week: Publish course material and Author profile by us.

Suggestions, if any, to further improve course content after the above time schedule can be included alongwith outline being submitted.

Interested in joining as a Hindilearner tutor/guide? - Contact us.

Why Join Us
Instant Recognition
We are here since 2006 and command a leading position in this niche. Getting associated with us gives you instant recognition.
Earning Opportunity
You benefit through tutoring assignments in your local area. You keep 100% of earnings through such assignments.
We Support You
You can leverage our site resources for creating a buzz about Hindi learning opportunities. We also extend support towards researching any topic/answering queries/helping Hindi students in any possible way.